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Singer. Songwriter. Badass. Stormie chronicles the life of fame and misfortune of a pop star on tour and all the scandals that follow.

Stormie Strong is a pop star who has it all; the looks, the hooks, a hot album, and a gleaming empire of books, movies, soda, and perfume. But not all is what it seems. There’s an old saying, “the deeper the shine, the darker the surface.”

Stormie’s troubles begin when a set of mysterious letters uncovered at a roadside checkpoint land the star in a remote Louisiana jailhouse. While locked up, Stormie exhanges hot words and fists with an inmate, leaving the star battered and scarred. From there, her troubles only pile on. Upon her release, Stormie must repair her reputation, manage the fallout from her arrest, and discover who set her up and why.

Can Stormie take the heat? Or will she lose her soul and sanity tying to keep her pitch perfect world together?



If you saw my Instagram live and want to try your hand at coloring, here is the file. When you're done, post it on Instagram with the hashtag #stormiecomic . I'd love to see what you all come up with!

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Sadly, one of our favorite events in Texas was canceled due to public health concerns. However, you will be able to purchase Stormie online through these outlets:

For printed editions of Stormie:


For digital editions of Stormie:


For decals, sketch cards and commissions, contact Stormie directly. Each decal is printed on high quality vinyl and measures 3" x 3". On the back is a printed bio of Stormie. Mix and match, or get the whole set.

Stormie Portrait

Stormie Guitar

Stormie Pin-up

Stormie Cats

STORMIE #3 "The Squad"

STORMIE #3 is nearing the end of production! Hard to believe it has taken this long, but we are  on page 35 of 36 in the inking stage! After this will come colors and letters. To speed up production, we

ve enlisted the help of colorist Chandran Ponnusamy. He's teamed up with Douglas Brown before on the title, "After Twilight". We look forward to what the world will look like with his colors.

STORMIE #2 "Freefall"

STORMIE #2 is now available in print and web! We debuted the issue at Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antonio on November 10-11 to a very good reception. Issue 2 will be available soon on Comixology and Indy Planet

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